Lazy Beginners

Break into Lyon and don’t hold back
give your soul a rest 
give yourself a price
a moment to think again
not to construct a hole, not to dig the walls,
allow yourself some time to enjoy the things you’ve done
flowers only blossom when scars appears.
I was just branches and stupidity,
now I’m a bouquet of sadness and wisdom.
We’re not monsters, nor are we heroes
we’re nothing but scraps of paper.

~ Eliane de Montozon

How ironic is it for us idle cronies to begin writting poems, uh?

Begin, always begin.

Well this is it, I had this idea for a long time to create an art collective.
A site was the solution that allowed us more visibility as independents and as a collective.
Also it gave us the opportunity to keep up on everything we are involved in, share a unique vision through this place.
This site is our own official streaming platform.

We don’t and we will never get cocky, snooty or something.
I think no one should get in that state of over-self-confidence,
and then doing shit like staying in a comfort zone and not being driven by passion of exploration.

Anyways, we are just doing our art in bedrooms you know,
we don’t have any precise message to reveal to everyone s eyes
but we do try to keep interesting visions surrounding our productions.

Finally we wont lie to anyone, the site was also a way to develop the professionnal sides of our lives;
even if most of our productions are & will be available for free, some wont.
But hey guys, don’t misjudge us, we are making art because we deeply and genuinely love it, and for no other reason, I swear.
Actually, we want art (the overall term) to be our full-time jobs, so we have to feed ourselves at some point!
STILL, art goes first, which means that if we find our latest work not good enough to be released yet, we wont release anything.
If we don’t find inspiration for a while, we will surely tell you that we wont be posting anything for quite some time until we recover ourselves,
instead of releasing shit. We are not in a hurry to release a big amount of work,
we are just free to do whatever we like, and no one would be proud to release anything that we got,
and trade our passion and dignity for the wealth or whatever other reason.

Anyways... oh and last a little something: I am French so it kind of explains why my English is not perfect
(so sorry about that, our team is working hard on this)

Much love <3
Louis Cheno

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Louis Cheno

new memer in da game

Eliane de Montozon

There is one thing that I know, tomatoes are fruits. But tomato ice cream doesn’t exist, I just let you think about that . Oh and here are some of my works. Bate que bate el chocolate.

Diane Bouchard

Art & Design student. music. art. tattoos. typography. travels. 👽


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